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The SIM Undergraduate Team Won the First Prize in the 14th Wuhan University Social Practice Contest


2022-11-14 16:37:25

On the afternoon of October 13, the Final of the 14th Wuhan University Social Practice Contest was held in the Multi-functional Lecture Hall of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Center of University Students.

Digital Reading and Public Cultural Services for Left-behind Children in Lushan County, Henan Province, a university-level summer social practice key project, finished by Wuhan University SIM Investigation and Practice Team, won the first prize.

In the presentation session,Jiayi Liu, the Wuhan University SIM Investigation and Practice Team representative, introduced the practice content, practice results and future planning. The Wuhan University SIM Investigation and Practice Team was instructed byLiang Zhao, a teacher at the Department of Publishing Science, and consisted of three undergraduate students of grade 2020.

After detailed planning in the early period, the Wuhan University SIM Investigation and Practice Team constructed a hierarchical and multi-dimensional practice structure, which starts from the investigation of the current situation of digital reading services, to the empirical research of reading growth of the left-behind children, and then to the investigation of rural public cultural services. After that, the Practice Team actively contacted the resources of government, schools and enterprises. The Practice Team carried out investigation on digital reading and public cultural services in Hubei province and Henan province in July and August, 2022. Via expert interviews, questionnaires and field visits, the Practice Team learned and recorded the current situation of local digital cultural construction, analyzed the existing problems in public cultural construction and put forward targeted suggestions and measures.

The Practice Team summarized the relationship between digital reading and children's mental health, gathered advantages from government, schools and enterprises, organized public welfare activities, and received attention from public media, such as China Youth Network, and Dahe Network.

Pay attention to the mental health of left-behind children, promote the construction of digital reading and public cultural services, the SIM students give full play to their specialization knowledge, and make continuous progress on the road of supporting the development of digital culture.