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School of Information Management,
Wuhan University,
Wuhan, Hubei Province,
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Lecture Information (June 13)


2019-06-13 09:15:47

Title:  Current Status and Trends of Academic Norms and Evaluation Research

Speaker: Professor Jiyuan Ye

Time: 10:30 am, June 13, 2019

Venue: Conference Room 209, School of Information Management

Host: Professor Ruhua Huang

About Professor Jiyuan Ye

Professor Jiyuan Ye is a doctoral tutor at School of Information Management of Nanjing University, member of the Social Science Committee of the Ministry of Education, deputy director of the National Innovation Base of the China's Humanities and Social Sciences, director of the Library Statistics and Evaluation Committee of the Academic Committee of the Library Society of China, and deputy director of the China Society of Indexers, vice president and chief expert of the National Academic Library Periodical Society, member of the Fifth Academic Discipline Review Group (Library and Information Science) of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and Distinguished Professor of Nanjing University. Professor Jiyuan Ye has long been engaged in the teaching and research of library and information science. His research interests include library and information theory and methods, journal literature, information resource construction, citation analysis and bibliometrics, academic evaluation and academic norms.